Learn more about our Products

Not only do we offer IT Consulting services, but we are also developing several in house products. Stay tuned for more on our web site. Meanwhile, have a quick peek below.

Liveeing - Digital Platform

You need digital presence or you need to enhance current one?

Let us introduce to you our digital Platform, Liveeing, built on Java. User friendly for authors, easy to extend for developers, fast with a small footprint. Build components using any front-end framework. Stay tuned for more details.

Sling Exporter

Your Software is based on Apache Sling?

Let us take care of data export to 3rd parties for various purposes. Whether it's for analysis, indexing, storage, revision or search purposes, we will take care of it. We can extend it further for your custom needs.

Video Streaming

You need to stream conference or some other event?

We can take care of that. Our video streaming solution is scalable, supports different sources and it can be easily integrated into our Liveeing platform.